Empowering Women Through Tree Planting? Gender and Global Environmentalism in Northern Ghana

  title={Empowering Women Through Tree Planting? Gender and Global Environmentalism in Northern Ghana},
  author={Kojo Sebastian Amanor},
  journal={Research Review of the Institute of African Studies},
  • K. Amanor
  • Published 2001
  • Political Science
  • Research Review of the Institute of African Studies
The Earth Summit of 1992 ushered in art era of global environmental management based on conventions signed by governments, international panels of experts, global environmental monitoring centres, and interventions of international non-governmental organization (NGOs) working in collaboration with donor nations and aid recipient governinents. The framework for global environmental management articulated within the Report of the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development (UNCED) is… 

Things Fall Apart?1 Management, Environment and Taungya Farming in Edo State, Southern Nigeria

Abstract Environmental degradation in Africa is often linked to management failure and political decline. One example of this is the dominant understanding of the unfolding of Taungya farming in



Ecology and Development

There is an increasing realization, world‐wide and in Southern Africa, that conservation and development are compatible. Because human communities in the less developed rural areas are dependent on a

The Forests of West Africa and the Sahara:

  • J. A
  • History
  • 1938
THE author early raises two debatable issues: he considers that (1) the general use of the word 'savannah' in Africa is wrong ; and (2) the use of this wrong term has misled both forester and layman

The anti-politics machine : "development," depoliticization, and bureaucratic power in Lesotho

Part 1 Introduction. Part 2 The development apparatus: conceptual apparatus - the constitution of the object of "development" - Lesotho as "less developed country" institutional apparatus - the

The Anti-Politics Machine: “Development” and Bureaucratic Power in Lesotho

"Development" projects in Lesotho have consistently failed to achieve their stated objects, not least because they are based on a "construction" of the country that bears little relation to

Women's agricultural production and political action in the Cameroon Grassfields

Opening Paragraph On that day if you had seen me, you would not have known me; dirty cap with feathers and a long stick, since doesn't fear send a walking stick forward? I put dirty clothes on and I

Radical Ecology: The Search for a Livable World

Contents Series Editor's Preface: By Roger Gottlieb Acknowledgments Introduction: What is Radical Ecology? Part I Problems 1 The Global Ecological Crisis 2 Science and Worldviews 3 Environmental

Participation: the New Tyranny?

* 1. The Case for Participation as Tyranny - Bill Cooke and Uma Kothari * 2. 'People's Knowledge', Participation and Patronage: Operations and Representations in Rural Development - David Mosse * 3.

Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Development

Janet Reibstein's mother and two aunts grew up in New Jersey amid a close-knit, extended Jewish family set apart only by a genetic propensity for breast cancer. Over fifty years, the disease claims

The Politics of Environmental Discourse

A lightweight, compact, portable pull-testing device is disclosed which is especially adapted for testing the load capabilities of installed, relatively small earth anchors such as those utilized