Empowering Telco operator convergence through a common marketplace

  title={Empowering Telco operator convergence through a common marketplace},
  author={Simon B{\'e}cot and Ivan Bedini and Mariano Belaunde and Santiago P{\'e}rez Mar{\'i}n and Oscar Lorenzo Duenas Rugnon and Benjam{\'i}n Molina and Vincent Hiribarren and Benoit Christophe and G{\'a}bor M{\'a}rton},
  journal={2010 14th International Conference on Intelligence in Next Generation Networks},
The incredible increase of the Web applications market is threatening the world of Telco operators, which are more and more challenged by Internet pure players and device manufacturers. Their legacy playground is narrowing as the Web is expanding. To curb this trend, Telco operators have to find original and innovative solutions to keep their place in the overall ecosystem.