Empowering Rural Women Entrepreneurs Through Social Innovation Model

  title={Empowering Rural Women Entrepreneurs Through Social Innovation Model},
  author={Noraida Haji Ali and Suriyani Muhamad and Masita Masila Abdul Jalil and Mustafa Man},
  journal={International Journal of Business and Economic Affairs},
  • N. Ali, S. Muhamad, M. Man
  • Published 28 December 2018
  • Business
  • International Journal of Business and Economic Affairs
Empowering rural women through innovation has become a vital focus in the developing world. Innovation and womens empowerment are rarely discussed within the same context, but each has essential values for human progress. This paper discusses how the social innovation model can help rural women, especially in the B40 group, to develop their skills of marketing to growth their business. Social innovation model provides better opportunities for entrepreneurs to improve their business strategy… 
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