Empowering Resource Providers to Build the Semantic Grid

  title={Empowering Resource Providers to Build the Semantic Grid},
  author={Liming Chen and Simon J. Cox and Feng Tao and Nigel Shadbolt and Colin Puleston and Carole A. Goble},
  journal={IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'04)},
The future success of Grid-enabled e-Science depends on the availability of semantic/knowledge-rich resources on the Grid, i.e., the so-called semantic Grid. This requires not only novel knowledge modelling and representation formalisms but also a shift of knowledge acquisition and population from a limited number of specialised knowledge engineers to resource providers. To this end we have developed a lightweight ontology-enabled tool, "Function Annotator", to support resource providers in… CONTINUE READING


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