Employment After Retirement: A Review and Framework for Future Research

  title={Employment After Retirement: A Review and Framework for Future Research},
  author={Sherry E. Sullivan and Akram Al Ariss},
  journal={Journal of Management},
  pages={262 - 284}
Retirement was once considered an exit from full-time work into full-time leisure. Research evidence indicates, however, that a growing number of retirees are reentering the labor force. Although a number of reviews have been conducted on retirement, there has been no comprehensive review of the increasing number of studies on work after retirement. It is time to take stock of the accumulated knowledge on postretirement employment that has been produced by scholars across multiple fields. Using… 
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Bridge Jobs and Partial Retirement
  • C. Ruhm
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The "job-stopping" process of older workers often includes some combination of postcareer "bridge" employment, partial retirement, and reverse retirement. Fewer than two-fifths of household heads
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