Employing a transgenic animal model to obtain cementoblasts in vitro.

  title={Employing a transgenic animal model to obtain cementoblasts in vitro.},
  author={John D'Errico and Janice E. Berry and H J Ouyang and C L Strayhorn and Jolene J. Windle and Martha Joan Somerman},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={71 1},
BACKGROUND Proper formation of cementum, a mineralized tissue lining the tooth root surface, is required for development of a functional periodontal ligament. Further, the presence of healthy cementum is considered to be an important criterion for predictable restoration of periodontal tissues lost as a consequence of disease. Despite the significance of cementum to general oral health, the mechanisms controlling development and regeneration of this tissue are not well understood and research… CONTINUE READING
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