Employing TiO2 nanorods to improve inverted polymer solar cells

  title={Employing TiO2 nanorods to improve inverted polymer solar cells},
  author={Lin Yu-Hong and Huang Jing-Shun and Wang Ing-Jye and Wu Wen-Hao and Lin Ming-Yi and Huang Guo-Dong and Su Wei-Fang and Lin Ching-Fuh},
  journal={2010 35th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference},
In this study, our investigations adapt several approaches to improve the device characteristics of PSCs with inverted structures. First, we employ PV2000 as a photoactive layer, which has a large relative energy difference between the HOMO level of the electron-donating polymer and the LUMO level of the electron acceptor (energy difference ~1.7 eV), so… CONTINUE READING