Employers discriminate against immigrants and criminal offenders—Experimental evidence

  title={Employers discriminate against immigrants and criminal offenders—Experimental evidence},
  author={Gari Walkowitz},
  journal={Economics Letters},

Reducing criminal record discrimination through banning the box: the importance of timing and explanation in the reveal of a drug conviction

ABSTRACT There has been a recent push toward placing restrictions on when and how employers can ask about job applicants’ criminal records. In our research, we asked hypothetical employers to

Labor Market Choices of Migrants and Redistributive Policies

We experimentally study economic migrants’ willingness to take up work and integrate into society, and, in turn, destination country citizens’ willingness to allow economic migrants to pursue formal

On the Validity of Probabilistic (and Cost-Saving) Incentives in Dictator Games: A Systematic Test

Driven by methodological concerns, theoretical considerations, and previous evidence, we systematically test the validity of common dictator-game variants with probabilistic incentives. We include

On the Validity of Cost-Saving Methods in Dictator-Game Experiments: A Systematic Test

Motivated by methodological concerns, theoretical considerations, and evidence from previous studies, this paper makes a contribution to conducting dictator-game experiments under resource

On the Validity of (Cost-Saving) Randomization Methods in Dictator-Game Experiments: A Systematic Test

This paper systematically assesses the validity of common cost-saving dictator-game variants and concludes that these methods are inappropriate when the researchers are interested in valid individual measures of generosity.

Turning points in migrants’ labour market integration in Europe and benefit spillovers for Romania and Serbia: the role of socio-psychological credentials

  • G. NojaN. PetrovićM. Cristea
  • Economics
    Zbornik radova Ekonomskog fakulteta u Rijeci: časopis za ekonomsku teoriju i praksu/Proceedings of Rijeka Faculty of Economics: Journal of Economics and Business
  • 2018
In this article we develop a two-fold analysis which captures the economic and socio-psychological coordinates in migrants’ labour market integration into ten EU countries (EU-10), mostly targeted by



The Labor Market Consequences of Incarceration

Rapid growth in the incarceration rate over the past two decades has made prison time a routine event in the life course of young, economically disadvantaged Black and Hispanic men. Although

Trust and discrimination in a segmented society: An experimental approach

An experimental approach is used to study ethnic discrimination within the Israeli Jewish society. Our experiment indicates that the segmented structure of Israeli society manifests itself in a

The Socioeconomic Determinants of Crime. A Review of the Literature

Starting from Becker’s seminal paper we review the first contributions to the economics of crime, stressing how with the first model of criminal choice, due to Becker, the way of conceiving criminal

Experimental Research on Labor Market Discrimination

  • D. Neumark
  • Economics
    Journal of Economic Literature
  • 2018
Understanding whether labor market discrimination explains inferior labor market outcomes for many groups has drawn the attention of labor economists for decades— at least since the publication of

Economics and Identity

This paper considers how identity, a person's sense of self, affects economic outcomes. We incorporate the psychology and sociology of identity into an economic model of behavior. In the utility