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Employee Engagement and Change Management 1 ,

  title={Employee Engagement and Change Management 1 ,},
  author={Dr. C. Swarnalatha and T. Prasanna},
This paper provides an overview of change management and employee engagement. It details background information on the two concepts; relates the two concepts to each other; introduces findings on the relationship between organizational commitment and change management; discusses types, key functions, and strategies of change management; and presents barriers to engagement during change management initiatives. 
Understanding change management through the psychological ownership framework : examination of antecedents of successful change
Luoma, Jenni J. M. Understanding change management through the psychological ownership framework – Examination of antecedents of successful change Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä, 2014, 214 p.Expand


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A longitudinal study of employee adaptation to organizational change: the role of change-related information and change-related self-efficacy.
There was consistent support for the stress-buffering role of Time 1 self-efficacy in the prediction of Time 2 job satisfaction and there was evidence to suggest that information was indirectly related to psychological well-being, client engagement, and job satisfaction, via its positive relationship to efficacy. Expand
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Managing paradoxes in change: Six steps for building a balanced culture
  • The Conference Board-Executive Action Series,
  • 2005