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Empirical Investigations of Trust-Related Systems Vulnerabilities in Aided, Adversarial Decision Making

  title={Empirical Investigations of Trust-Related Systems Vulnerabilities in Aided, Adversarial Decision Making},
  author={Ann M. Bisantz and James Llinas and Younho Seong and Richard Finger and Jiun-Yin Jian},
Abstract : In modern military environments, command-and-control decisions are increasingly supported by information systems which collect, analyze, and display information from multiple sources and sensors, to give decision-makers real time information about an evolving tactical situation. Aided-adversarial decision-making (AADM) refers to military command and control decision in such environments, in which computerized aids are available to groups of co-located and distributed decision-makers… 
The effect of external safeguards on human-information system trust in an information warfare environment
The findings from both experiments suggest that the presence of information security incidents in a fast-paced C2 environment have no effect on the decision-makers trusting behavior.
Adaptive Decision Support Systems using Cognitive Models of Trust
A way of estimating trust is described and possible interventions based on this estimation are discussed, which are an adaptation of the provided decision support: 1) advice argumentation and 2) advice censorship.
Correlating Trust and Performance in A Hybrid Inspection Environment
Studies have shown that neither humans nor automation can achieve superior inspection system performance; hence, hybrid inspection systems where humans work in conjunction with machines have
A Meta-Analysis of Factors Influencing the Development of Human-Robot Trust
Abstract : The effects of human, robot, and environment-related factors impacting perceived trust in human-robot interaction (HRI) were evaluated and quantified using meta-analytic procedures. To
The case study reported suggests there is a dimension to be followed in human machine integration, which is beyond the technological deterministic approach of human machine interface design, and calls for a better human comprehension of system nature.
The role of trust in information science and technology
L'article traite des liens entre la confiance en tant que phenomene social et interactionnel, et les sciences et technologies de l'information, en particulier les interfaces-utilisateurs, les agents