Empathy in chimpanzees: Evidence for theory of mind?

  title={Empathy in chimpanzees: Evidence for theory of mind?},
  author={Sanjida M. O’Connell},
  • Sanjida M. O’Connell
  • Published 2006
  • Psychology
  • Primates
  • Empathy can be widely defined as the capacity to understand the emotional, visual, or cognitive perspective of another individual and is perhaps reliant on the ability to attribute mental states. Behavioural events that may indicate empathy in chimpanzees,Pan troglodytes, are collated (1) using a questionnaire and (2) from the literature. These case studies are classified in a taxonomy of empathic acts in which empathy is categorized as visual empathy, emotional empathy, concordance and… CONTINUE READING
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