Emotions of Gynecologic Cancer Patients Dealing with Permanent Colostomy: A Qualitative Interview Study

  • Gül Pınar, Ali Ayhan, Tevfik Pınar
  • Published 2013


Purpose: This study was conducted to describe emotional state of colostomized patients with gynecologic cancer. Patients and Methods: The study employed a qualitative design from May to October of 2010, in a private university hospitals outpatient gnecologic oncology clinic in Ankara, Turkey. Content analysis with an inductive approach had been used to analyze 32 interviews that served as the data base for this study. Interview form that focused on what gynecologic cancer women felt to living with a colostomy. Results: Findings also reveal that gynecologic cancer patients with colostomy experience many uneasy feelings that affect their emotional state. The content analysis resulted in the development of two thematic units. The first we described as “To experience the consequences of stoma as a gynecologic cancer patients”. The second was “suffering experienced-being challenged the consequences of the stoma”, and the third was “promote self management-normalization of the new condition”. For the psychological support, family and friends’ support has been mentioned as the most important part that can release their anxiety. Conclusions: We concluded that a having stoma was difficult for the women. The emotional state of the women when they get colostomy was typically characterized by fear, and worry about their current process. Body image, self-esteem, social activity, sexuality were the aspects that most affected the patients. Nurses have very important role within holistic approach and empathetic interaction, for determining major problem areas.

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