Emotional labor and leadership: A threat to authenticity?

  title={Emotional labor and leadership: A threat to authenticity?},
  author={William L. Gardner and Dawn Fischer and James G. Hunt},
  journal={Leadership Quarterly},

Emotional labor and authentic leadership

Organizational research has begun to once again focus on the importance of emotions in the workplace. In particular, the concept of emotional labor, the management of emotions at work to influence

Leader authenticity as a mediator between leader emotional labor and wellbeing

Theory and evidence suggest leader emotional labor has an important influence on leader and follower wellbeing. However, we lack empirical research to understand how leader’s use of emotional labor

A conceptual framework of leaders’ emotional labor: The role of authentic leadership and procedural justice.

Emotional labor has become more and more the focus of leadership research, suggesting that leaders manage their emotions or its expressions in interactions with followers. This study seeks to examine

Emotional responses of leaders to passive versus active members

In our investigation of emotion management in organizations, we shift the focus from leadership to followership. To maintain their leadership identity in leader–member relationships, leaders have to

What role does leaders' emotional labor play in effective leadership? An empirical examination

An increasing stream of research has shown that leaders‟ emotions have substantial impact on followers‟ attitudes and performance. However, this line of research has not explored the psychological

Emotional Labor among West Texas Baptist Pastors: Potential Threats to Leader Authenticity and Lessons Learned

Abstract The purpose of this study is to provide preliminary insights into the relationships between self-monitoring, emotional expressivity, emotional labor, felt leader authenticity, and authentic

The Benefits of Merging Leadership Research and Emotions Research

This review examines emotions and leadership at five levels: within person, between persons, interpersonal, groups and teams, and organizational wide and integrates research on emotions, emotional contagion, and leadership to identify opportunities for future research for both emotions researchers and leadership researchers.

Feel Free, Be Yourself

Authenticity is a relational construct, but research to date has largely overlooked the relationship between authentic leadership and follower authenticity. In our first study, comprising 162

The two-faced leader: The effects of leader emotional inconsistency on follower creative performance

Based on a review of the literatures pertaining to leadership, affect, and creative performance, the studies conducted as part of this thesis aim at testing a research model that examines how and



Emergent leaders as managers of group emotion

Emotions and Leadership: The Role of Emotional Intelligence

This paper suggests that feelings (moods and emotions) play a central role in the leadership process. More specifically, it is proposed that emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and

Leading with emotional labor

Purpose – This paper seeks to argue that leaders perform emotional labor whenever they display emotions in an attempt to influence their subordinates' moods and

When leaders display emotion: how followers respond to negative emotional expression of male and female leaders

A leader's emotional display is proposed to affect his or her audience. In this study, observing a male or female leader express negative emotion was proposed to influence the observer's affective

Emotional Labor in Service Roles: The Influence of Identity

Emotional labor is the display of expected emotions by service agents during service encounters. It is performed through surface acting, deep acting, or the expression of genuine emotion. Emotional

The many faces of emotional leadership