Emotional imagery in simple and social phobia: fear versus anxiety.

  title={Emotional imagery in simple and social phobia: fear versus anxiety.},
  author={Daniel W McNeil and Scott R. Vrana and Barbara G. Melamed and Bruce N. Cuthbert and Peter J. Lang},
  journal={Journal of abnormal psychology},
  volume={102 2},
In a first study, phobic volunteer subjects (N = 60) reacted psychophysiologically with greater vigor to imagery of their own phobic content than to other fearful or nonaffective images. Imagery heart rate responses were largest in subjects with multiple phobias. For simple (dental) phobics, cardiac reactivity was positively correlated with reports of imagery vividness and concordant with reports of affective distress; these relationships were not observed for social (speech) phobics. In a… CONTINUE READING


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