Emotional experiences and motivating factors associated with fingerprint analysis.


In this study, we investigated the emotional and motivational factors involved in fingerprint analysis in day-to-day routine case work and in significant and harrowing criminal investigations. Thematic analysis was performed on interviews with 13 experienced fingerprint examiners from a variety of law enforcement agencies. The data revealed factors relating to job satisfaction and the use of skill. Individual satisfaction related to catching criminals was observed; this was most notable in solving high profile, serious, or long-running cases. There were positive emotional effects associated with matching fingerprints and apparent fear of making errors. Finally, we found evidence for a need of cognitive closure in fingerprint examiner decision-making.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1556-4029.2009.01295.x

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@article{Charlton2010EmotionalEA, title={Emotional experiences and motivating factors associated with fingerprint analysis.}, author={David Charlton and Peter A. F. Fraser-Mackenzie and Itiel E. Dror}, journal={Journal of forensic sciences}, year={2010}, volume={55 2}, pages={385-93} }