Emotional Dynamics in the Age of Misinformation

  title={Emotional Dynamics in the Age of Misinformation},
  author={Fabiana Zollo and Petra Kralj Novak and Michela Del Vicario and Alessandro Bessi and Igor Mozetic and Antonio Scala and Guido Caldarelli and Walter Quattrociocchi},
  booktitle={PloS one},
According to the World Economic Forum, the diffusion of unsubstantiated rumors on online social media is one of the main threats for our society. The disintermediated paradigm of content production and consumption on online social media might foster the formation of homogeneous communities (echo-chambers) around specific worldviews. Such a scenario has been shown to be a vivid environment for the diffusion of false claim. Not rarely, viral phenomena trigger naive (and funny) social responses-e… CONTINUE READING
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