Emotional Contagion

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Giving Emotional Contagion Ability to Virtual Agents in Crowds
A way to introduce a model of emotional contagion in the scope of crowd simulation and shows that the dynamics of space and time creates emergent behaviour in crowd agents that are tuned with emotional contagions phenomena and crowd behaviour as described by literature. Expand
Phenomenology of Suicide
  • M. Pompili
  • Psychology
  • Springer International Publishing
  • 2018
Affect Infusion and Detection through Faces in Computer-mediated Knowledge-sharing Decisions
It is suggested that faces can be used for affect infusion and affect detection, which increases the effectiveness of knowledge-management systems and implications for designers of emotionally intelligent information systems and research. Expand
Emotional Contagion in the Classroom: The Impact of Teacher Satisfaction and Confirmation on Perceptions of Student Nonverbal Classroom Behavior
ABSTRACT Teachers appreciate nonverbally responsive students, but what is missing is an understanding of the direct influence of teachers' self-perceptions on their perceptions of how engaged theirExpand
The relationship between happiness and the desire for hospitality mediated by tourist self-image and destination image
This research is justified by the need to broaden the theory about consumer behavior in tourism and the importance of improving commercial practices. The main objective of this study is to analyzeExpand
Contributions Emotional Intelligence on Cognitive Learning Result of Biology of Senior High School Students in Medan, Indonesia
Emotional intelligence is one of the factors affecting the success of students’ learning results. Students having high emotional intelligence will be able to overcome the problems faced in school andExpand
Emotional Interdependence and Well-Being in Close Relationships
An experience-sampling study with 50 couples indicating their feelings 10 times a day for 7 days modeled emotional interdependence for each couple separately taking a dyadographic approach and highlighted the existence of large inter-dyad differences. Expand
Integrating Usability Evaluations into the Software Development Process
This paper explores the status of usability evaluation in a digitally emerging country and finds many similarities with advanced countries, several completely new obstacles more connected with software development matters and a relatively positive improvement in the lack of “usability culture”. Expand
Sentiment analysis and topic extraction of the twitter network of #prayforparis
The results confirmed the Emotional Contagion Theory in the Twitter network of #prayforparis through sentiment analysis and topic extraction. Expand


Emotional Contagion
Theorists have proposed that men and women and those in various occupational groups should differ in their susceptibility to primitive emotional contagion. Study 1 was designed to explore the extentExpand
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How Emotions Develop and How they Organise Development
Abstract Concepts from functional theories of emotions are integrated with principles of skill development to produce a theory of emotional development. The theory provides tools for predicting bothExpand
Facial efference and the experience of emotion.
The aim of this book is to provide a Discussion of the Literature on Facial Feedback and its Applications in Therapy and the Foundations of Emotional Experience. Expand
Empathy and its development
Introduction: critical issues in the study of empathy, N.Eisenberg and J.Strayer. Part 1 Historical and theoretical perspectives: history of concept of empathy, L.Wispe evolutionary bases of empathy,Expand
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