Emotion traits in older suicide attempters and non-attempters.

  title={Emotion traits in older suicide attempters and non-attempters.},
  author={Larry Seidlitz and Yeates Conwell and Paul R Duberstein and Christopher Cox and Diane Denning},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={66 2-3},
BACKGROUND Emotion is a flourishing area of cross-disciplinary research that can inform traditional approaches to psychopathology. The present study examines emotion traits associated with attempted suicide in a depressed older sample. METHODS Seven emotion traits were compared in depressed inpatients, age 50 years or older, who either had made a suicide attempt after age 50 (n=47) or had never made a suicide attempt (n=38) as assessed by self-report and a review of available medical records… CONTINUE READING


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