Emotion-regulation skills as a treatment target in psychotherapy.

  title={Emotion-regulation skills as a treatment target in psychotherapy.},
  author={Matthias Berking and Peggilee Wupperman and Alexander Reichardt and Tanja Pejic and Alexandra Dippel and Hansjoerg Znoj},
  journal={Behaviour research and therapy},
  volume={46 11},
BACKGROUND Deficits in emotion-regulation skills have been shown to be integral to the development and maintenance of a wide range of mental disorders. AIM To evaluate the importance of these skills as a treatment target in psychotherapeutic interventions. METHOD Nine specific emotion-regulation skills were assessed in a sample of 289 inpatients before and after cognitive-behavioural treatment. Self-reports of success in pretreatment skills application were first compared to those of 246… CONTINUE READING