Emotion recognition and social competence in chronic schizophrenia.

  title={Emotion recognition and social competence in chronic schizophrenia.},
  author={K. Mueser and R. Doonan and D. Penn and J. Blanchard and A. Bellack and P. Nishith and J. deLeon},
  journal={Journal of abnormal psychology},
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This study evaluated (a) whether chronic, medicated schizophrenia patients show deficits in emotion recognition compared to nonpatients, and (b) whether deficits in emotion recognition are related to poorer social competence. Two emotion recognition tests developed by S. L. Kerr and J. M. Neale (1993) and Benton's Test of Facial Recognition (A. Benton, M. VanAllen, K. Hamsher, & H. Levin, 1978) were given to patients with chronic schizophrenia and nonpatient controls. Patients' social skills… Expand
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