Emotion assessment using the NIH Toolbox.

  title={Emotion assessment using the NIH Toolbox.},
  author={John M. Salsman and Zeeshan Butt and Paul A. Pilkonis and Jill M Cyranowski and Nicholas Zill and Hugh C Hendrie and Mary Jo Kupst and Morgen A. R. Kelly and Rita Karwacki Bode and Seung Won Choi and Jin-shei Lai and James W. Griffith and Catherine M. Stoney and Pim Y Brouwers and Sarah S. Knox and David Cella},
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One of the goals of the NIH Toolbox for Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function was to identify or develop brief measures of emotion for use in prospective epidemiologic and clinical research. Emotional health has significant links to physical health and exerts a powerful effect on perceptions of life quality. Based on an extensive literature… CONTINUE READING