Emotion and Blame in Collective Action: Russian Voice in Kyrgyzstan and Latvia

  title={Emotion and Blame in Collective Action: Russian Voice in Kyrgyzstan and Latvia},
  author={Michele E. Commercio},
  journal={Political Science Quarterly},
The most obvious macrooutcome of the collapse of the Soviet Union is the end of the ‘Soviet Man.’... Everywhere, nationalism and nationalist conflicts have grown more intense, as Abkhazis, Chechens, Tatars, and other minorities within newly independent states struggle for their own independence. The Russians living outside the territory of the Russian Republic are now ethnic minorities in foreign countries, with all the tension that entails. 
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236 permanent residents of Latvia have Russian citizenship. Results of the 2000 Population and Housing Census, 138. 64 Authorʼs interview
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Authorʼs interview
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    I am convinced that policies and practices pursue the goal of favoritism. Through policies and practices, they extend privileges to Latvians in a whole series of
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      Our children have proven with their actions that they are not and never will be slaves. They are truly free people who want to live, and will live
        Pochemu my reshili golodat" Chas
        • Viacheslav Ivanov
        Sozvezdie problem obrazovaniia (Riga: Latviiskogo instituta pravovykh issledovanii, 1998), 18. 82 "Takaia reforma nam ne nuzhna!" Chas
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            This article chronicals the history of post-Soviet Russian voice in Latvia