Emotion Design, Emotional Design, Emotionalize Design: A Review on Their Relationships from a New Perspective

  title={Emotion Design, Emotional Design, Emotionalize Design: A Review on Their Relationships from a New Perspective},
  author={Amic G. Ho and Kin Wai Michael Siu},
  journal={The Design Journal},
  pages={32 - 9}
ABSTRACT Many design researchers and scholars have focused on different aspects of design and emotion in recent years. Various studies, models and theories have been proposed and adopted in order to explore the relationship between design and emotion and its responses, and to explain how emotion could be applied in design effectively. Researchers have also developed different perspectives to understand what emotional design should be and the role of emotion in design. Some of them have… 

Emotions in design process. How to find an emotional touchpoint with the user

The main aim of this paper is to discuss the importance of the emotional connection between the designer and the user in user - centered design process and their practical implementation based on the case "Design and Psychiatric Care".

Fostering creativity from an emotional perspective: Do teachers recognise and handle students’ emotions?

Abstract Emotions have a significant effect on the processes of designing and creative thinking. In an educational context, some emotions may even be detrimental to creativity. To further explore the

Constructing and Analyzing a Measurement Model of Product Emotional Design

The proposed measuring scale for product emotional design is proven to be feasible and the emotional design of a product influences preference for the product, which subsequently enhances purchase intention of it.


How designers effectively create pleasant products by using visual stimulation and product experience has become the mainstream of consumer market for users. This study aimed to explore the

Design and Evaluation of a Somatosensory Hat: An Emotional Semantic Perspective

Interactive product design needs to be based on the human-centered design concept to meet the target users’ demands for affective interaction experience. Existing research on smart clothing mainly

Aesthetics of Sustainability: Research on the Design Strategies for Emotionally Durable Visual Communication Design

Lately, most studies on sustainable design from the perspective of emotional durability focus on product design, particularly on exploring how do product functions direct consumers’ emotional changes

Affective design identification on the development of batik convection product

The affective design is increasingly applied to product development in order to meet the desires and preferences of customers. Batik is a traditional Indonesian culture containing historical and

The Interplay among Emotions , Creativity and Emotional Intelligence : A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers

Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi Tahereh Heydarnejad (Corresponding Author) Hossein Najjari Department of English, University of Gonabad Gonabad, Iran ABSTRACT It goes without saying that educators strive for

SensAE – A Tool to Explore Material-Touch-Emotions

Abstract Humans have always explored and interacted with their environment through touching surfaces. The sense of touch is an important part of human interaction and communication. It supports

The evolving emotional experience with portable interactive devices

Emotions play a significant role in people’s lives, including interactions with portable devices. The research aimed to understand the evolving emotional experience between people and portable



Design for Emotion

Product attributes and the model of emotional design: how the product development engineers perceive product features?

In design practice emotions elicited by product appearance are often considered to be intangible and, therefore, quite hard to manipulate, even less to treat in a level of discussions. This arises

Design and emotion : the experience of everyday things

KEYNOTE STORIES The Design of Emotion From Disgust to Desire: How Products Elicit Emotions Design Expression and Human Experience The Comprehension Shift, HMI of the Future EXPERIENCE DRIVEN DESIGN

A Multilayered Model of Product Emotions

This paper introduces a theoretical basis for the process that underlies emotional responses to consumer products. Five distinct classes of product-evoked emotions are discussed, each of which are

Emotion as a Cognitive Artifact and the Design Implications for Products That are Perceived As Pleasurable

Product design that provides aesthetic appeal, pleasure and satisfaction can greatly influence the success of a product. Traditional cognitive approaches to product usability have tended to

The Basis of Product Emotions

This paper introduces a conceptual model for the process underlying emotional responses that result from the perception of consumer products. The model distinguishes different kinds of emotions on

On the Relationship between Emotion, Experience and the Design of New Products

This paper presents an approach to emotion and experience that is useful for designers and synthesizes commonalities and differences in this work into a generative framework that is meant to help designers discover product opportunities to stimulate, enhance, or change emotional experience.

Exploring the Relationships between Emotion and Design Process for Designers today

Design process involved different sub-processes and components and each of them interacts with each other to build up a comprehensive system. Different aspects of factors may affect the process,

Emotions by Design: A Consumer Perspective

What is the relationship between attribute tradeoff decisions at the time of purchase and emotional content of the consumption experience? This article offers a comprehensive overview and an enhanced

Emotional design : why we love (or hate) everyday things

By the author of The Design of Everyday Things , the first book to make the connection between our emotions and how we relate to ordinary objects--from juicers to Jaguars. Did you ever wonder why