Emotion Classification with Reduced Feature Set SGDClassifier, Random Forest and Performance Tuning

  title={Emotion Classification with Reduced Feature Set SGDClassifier, Random Forest and Performance Tuning},
  author={Kaushika Pal and Biraj V. Patel},
  journal={Computing Science, Communication and Security},
  pages={95 - 108}
  • Kaushika Pal, B. Patel
  • Published 26 March 2020
  • Computer Science
  • Computing Science, Communication and Security
Text Classification is vital and challenging due to varied kinds of data generated these days; emotions classification represented in form of text is more challenging due to diverse kind of emotional content and such content is growing on web these days. This research work is classifying emotions written in Hindi in form of poem with 4 categories namely Karuna, Shanta, Shringar and Veera. POS tagging is used on all the poem and then features are extracted by observing certain poetic features… 
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