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Emotion Awe and Scientific Explanation

  title={Emotion Awe and Scientific Explanation},
  author={Piercarlo Valdesolo and Jun Park and Sara Gottlieb},


Awe, Uncertainty, and Agency Detection
It is found that awe increases both supernatural belief and intentional-pattern perception—two phenomena that have been linked to agency detection, or the tendency to interpret events as the consequence of intentional and purpose-driven agents.
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In two experiments, we investigated the role of awe in activating the association between religiosity/spirituality and related feelings and behavioral intentions. In Experiment 1, the induction of
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This article introduces a new approach for evaluating replication results. It combines effect-size estimation with hypothesis testing, assessing the extent to which the replication results are
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Every society has a religious system, in spite of the obvious costs that they impose on individuals and societies. What makes these religious systems appeal to individuals? How did they develop over
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