Emission of Neutrons accompanying the Fission of Uranium Nuclei

  title={Emission of Neutrons accompanying the Fission of Uranium Nuclei},
  author={Joseph Rotblat},
THE experiments of Halban, Joliot, and Kowarski described in NATURE1 give an indirect proof of the neutron multiplication accompanying the fission of uranium nuclei after neutron capture. It can be deduced from these experiments that the additional neutrons are, on the average, faster than the photo-neutrons from radium C - beryllium used as active primary radiation. This conclusion is confirmed in a subsequent note2 by the same authors in which they find that the neutrons contributed by… 
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La scissione dei nuclei pesanti
Sommario1. Considerazioni teoriche. - 2. Identificazione dei prodotti della scissione: a) per via chimica; b) con metodo dinamico; c) con raggi X. -3. Gli elementi transuranici. - 4. Prove con altri
A contribution of Józef Rotblat, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, to the development of nuclear medicine.
Józef Rotblat, a nuclear physicist born and educated in Poland, is the only laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, who made a significant contribution to the development of nuclear medicine. In 1948 he


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RECENT experiments1,2 have revealed the existence of a new kind of nuclear reaction: neutron bombardment of uranium and thorium loads to an explosion of the nucleus, which splits up into particles of