Emission cross sections of HCl+ (A2Σ+, υ′ → X2Πi, υ″) for electrons on HCl and lifetimes of the HCl+ (A2Σ+, υ′) states

  title={Emission cross sections of HCl+ (A2$\Sigma$+, $\upsilon$′ → X2$\Pi$i, $\upsilon$″) for electrons on HCl and lifetimes of the HCl+ (A2$\Sigma$+, $\upsilon$′) states},
  author={G. R. M{\"o}hlmann and K. K. Bhutani and F. J. de Heer},
  journal={Chemical Physics},
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Vibrational‐state selective cross sections for the charge transfer H++HCl(X 1∑+)→H(2Sg)+HCl+(A 2∑+,v’)
Vibrational‐state selective cross sections have been measured for the endothermic charge‐transfer reactions H+,D++HCl(X 1∑+)→H,D(2Sg)+HCl +(A 2∑+,v’)−2.67 eV, for collision energies up to 1 keV by
On the determination of HCl+ (A,v′) vibrational populations from HCl+ (A→X) fluorescence spectra: direct comparison between photoionization and penning ionization
Using a beam apparatus, we have measured the HCl+ (A,v′→X,v″) fluorescence spectra of HCl+ (A,v′) ions formed in HeI (58.4 nm), and NeI (73.6 nm) photoionization and, for the first time, in He (23S)
Vibrational population distributions of the product of the chemiluminescent charge transfer reaction: O+(2D)+HCl→O+HCl+(A 2Σ+)
The chemiluminescent charge transfer reaction of O+ (2 D)ions with HCl has been studied in the energy range of 7 to 100 eVc.m. . The vibrational population distributions of the HCl+(A 2 Σ+ ,v′)
Theoretical study of HCl+ : Potential curves, radiative lifetimes, and photodissociation cross sections
Configuration interaction wave functions and potential energy curves have been calculated for the four lowest states of 2Π and 2Σ+ symmetry and the lowest state of 4Σ−, 2Σ−, 2Δ, and 4Π symmetry for
Fluorescence cross sections and electronic transition moments for the A 2Σ+→X 2Π transition in HCl+ by photoionization. Comparison with the ab initio calculations
The electronically excited HCl+ (A 2Σ+) ions have been produced by the direct photoionization with helium and neon resonance lines. The emission bands A 2Σ+(v′=0–6)→X 2Π (v″=0−2) were detected. The
Electronic transition moments for the A 2Σ+→X 2Π system of HCl+
The emission spectra of 31 bands of HCl+(A 2Σ+→X 2Π) have been obtained using hollow cathode discharges. Relative intensities were determined by comparison with computer generated spectra. Treatment


Production of Excited States in the Collision of He+ with HCl and HBr; Selective Production of the v=0 Level in the A2Σ State of the Molecule‐Ion
The emission of light over the 2000–6000‐A wavelength region resulting from the collision of the He+ ions on HBr and HCl has been investigated at ion energies from 0.3 to 4.0 keV. Emission is
Photoelectron Spectroscopy of HCl and DCl Using Molecular Beams
A focusing field electrostatic energy analyzer was used to examine photoelectrons from HCl and DCl using the 584 A line of helium and the 736–744‐A doublet of neon. Ionization potentials for the X