Emerging trends in business analytics

  title={Emerging trends in business analytics},
  author={Ron Kohavi and Neal Rothleder and Evangelos Simoudis},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
The goal is business effectiveness through 'verticalization,' usability, and integration with operational systems. 

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Emerging trends in analytics
The technology and enterprise-adoption trends in the area of business analytics are discussed and examples are provided to see example and research results.
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It is argued that dynamic capabilities, enabled by business analytics technology, lead to value-creating actions and ultimately to improved firm performance.
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This book deals in passing with the relationship of both statistics and statisticians to the datamining process and certainly promotes a role for the statistically knowledgeable participant in the data mining effort.
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Five desiderata for success in data mining: wide customer records with many potentially useful fields, large model spaces corresponding to rich data, controlled and reliable data collection, ease of integration with existing processes, substantial, demonstrable return on investment, and the ability to evaluate results.
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A stationary cylinder is jacketed to provide a first passage for a first heat exchange medium and forms a chamber for throughflow of a product to be heated or cooled. The cylinder contains a coaxial
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Visualizing data mining models. In Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • 2001
Cup 2000 organizers' report: Peeling the onion. SIGKDD Explor
  • Cup 2000 organizers' report: Peeling the onion. SIGKDD Explor
  • 2000