Emerging role of endothelin-1 in tumor angiogenesis.

  title={Emerging role of endothelin-1 in tumor angiogenesis.},
  author={Anna Bagnato and Francesca M. Spinella},
  journal={Trends in endocrinology and metabolism: TEM},
  volume={14 1},
Tumor vessels express distinct molecular markers that are functionally relevant in the angiogenic process. Although tyrosine kinase receptor agonists are the major mediators of angiogenesis, several G-protein-coupled receptor agonists have also been shown to have a role. Among these, endothelin-1 (ET-1), by acting directly on endothelial cells via the ET(B) receptor, modulates different stages of neovascularization, including proliferation, migration, invasion, protease production and… CONTINUE READING
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