Emerging insights into the biology of typhoid toxin.

  title={Emerging insights into the biology of typhoid toxin.},
  author={Casey C Fowler and S. F. Chang and Xiang Gao and Tobias Geiger and Gabrielle Stack and Jorge E. Gal{\'a}n},
  journal={Current opinion in microbiology},
Typhoid toxin is a unique A2B5 exotoxin and an important virulence factor for Salmonella Typhi, the cause of typhoid fever. In the decade since its initial discovery, great strides have been made in deciphering the unusual biological program of this toxin, which is fundamentally different from related toxins in many ways. Purified typhoid toxin administered to laboratory animals causes many of the symptoms of typhoid fever, suggesting that typhoid toxin is a central factor in this disease… CONTINUE READING