Emerging criteria for the low-coherence cannot classify category.


As suggested by Main et al., to respond to the need for an adaptation of the existing Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) coding system, especially regarding the application to nonnormative samples, this study presents additional criteria that characterize the low-coherence cannot classify (CC) category. Three AAIs were selected from a sample of parents of maltreated children. All transcripts indicated a very low coherence, with no evidence of contradictory insecure discourse strategies. Moreover, global category descriptors were identified, together with specific indices of discourse characteristics and features that highlight the breakdown in reasoning and discourse experienced by the speakers. The aim of the study is to illustrate new criteria to identify and rate a low-coherence CC profile toward the operationalization of this pervasively unintegrated state of mind. Through the definition of additional criteria for low-coherence CC category, our study helps the AAI and its coding system be more flexible and effective when dealing with clinical samples.

DOI: 10.1080/14616734.2017.1355396

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