Emerging complexity of layer I in human cerebral cortex.

  title={Emerging complexity of layer I in human cerebral cortex.},
  author={Sonja Raki{\'c} and Nada Ze{\vc}evi{\'c}},
  journal={Cerebral cortex},
  volume={13 10},
In this study we examine possible origins and migratory routes of human cortical neurons, with special emphasis on the preplate and layer I. In embryonic stages, two main cell types, Cajal-Retzius cells, and cells labeled with interneuron markers (calretinin, calbindin and GABA), were present in the preplate layer. In addition, a number of preplate GABAergic cells co-expressed either Nkx2.1 or Dlx transcription factors, findings consistent with their origin in the ganglionic eminence and… CONTINUE READING
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