Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Governance

  title={Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Governance},
  author={G. Bitran and Suri Gurumurthi and Shiou Lin Sam},
  journal={ERN: Networks (Topic)},
Motivated by the disintegration of supply networks observed in the automotive, textile and electronics industry, we discuss the impact of such phenomena on the network players. We hypothesize that the state of disintegration is not sustainable and will be followed by an eventual reintegration. We present evidence from a field study that was conducted to understand the impact of disintegration on original equipment manufacturers and on small and medium enterprises to support our hypothesis. We… Expand
The Emerging Role of the Third‐Party Logistics Provider (3PL) as an Orchestrator
The connectivity and communication requirements of leading supply chains have created the emergence of a more advanced role for third-party logistics providers 3PLs. They have evolved from providingExpand
Number: ABSTRACT - 007-0079 Title: "The Impact of Virtuality on Supply Chain strategies"
The transparency provided by information technologies (IT) allows companies to reposition themselves in the chain and collaborate dynamically with other companies with the purpose of optimizing theirExpand
Supply Chain Orchestration Leveraging on MNC Networks and Local Resources: Approach Strategies
Competition is becoming more global and is between the networks of businesses rather than between the firms. Operating in such an increasing networked environment, companies have to innovate theirExpand
Transforming the Contemporary Supply Chain
Specific transformation approaches for the contemporary supply chain can be configured by juxtaposing its building blocks in view of the business drivers of today including market-volatility,Expand
Adaptive Management of Supply Chain Consortia
Purpose of this paper In this paper, we present the adaptive supply chain consortium as an innovative approach to manage the process of inter-organizational order fulfilment embedded in a volatileExpand
MIT Sloan School of Management
Companies recognize international sourcing as a business practice useful to reduce product prices, deal with supply shortages and identify new competitive suppliers. Effective international sourcingExpand
Role of Peer-to-Peer Technology in Enhancing Supply Chain Performance Metrics
A perspective on applicability of P2P to supply chains using supply chain performance attributes and metrics defined by Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR). Expand
Multi-stakeholder platforms for linking small farmers to value chains: evidence from the Andes
Value chains linked to urban markets and agro-industry present new opportunities for adding value and raising rural incomes. Small farmers, who produce small volumes, struggle to enter these markets.Expand
Information Technology And Supply Chain Governance: A Conceptual Model
This theoretical essay argues that with contractual governance, IT is used to control activities and processes across the supply chain and to enforce coordination and contract compliance, and that e-procurement, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and electronic data interchange (EDI) could be used with the three conceptions of SCG. Expand
Governance of sustainable supply chains in the fast fashion industry
Abstract This paper examines the impact of corporate social responsibility behavior on the sustainability performance of focal companies and their partners in fast fashion supply chains. TheExpand


The governance of global value chains
Abstract This article builds a theoretical framework to help explain governance patterns in global value chains. It draws on three streams of literature – transaction costs economics, productionExpand
The Automotive Supply Chain: Global Trends and Asian Perspectives
The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the major trends taking place in the automotive industry across the world, with an emphasis on the Asian market. It is not a comprehensiveExpand
Trends and complementarities in the Canadian Automobile Industry
Three issues have deeply influenced the Canadian automobile industry in the last decades. Proliferation of models and vehicle-types has reduced the average sales per vehicle with importantExpand
Indian Auto Supply Chain at the Cross-roads
We focus on the auto industry supply chains in India. The Indian auto industry is small in size, compared to the world markets ($ 6.73 billion compared to a world market of $ 737 billion) but hasExpand
Governing Decentralized Production: Institutions, Public Policy, and the Prospects for Inter-firm Collaboration in US Manufacturing
Much of the literature on the changing face of US manufacturing acknowledges that successful governance of decentralized production is vital to its future but questions whether in practice firms willExpand
Information technology, innovation and supply chain structure
  • J. Stroeken
  • Business, Computer Science
  • Int. J. Serv. Technol. Manag.
  • 2001
The conditions for success in IT, innovation and supply chain structure concern the extent of vertical and horizontal integration, the comparative importance of information, the extentof (international) pressure and innovative regulations, and, of great importance,the extent of strategic and organisational insight on the part of management and personnel. Expand
The Global Apparel Value Chain: What Prospects for Upgrading by Developing Countries?
The paper uses the global value chain framework to explain the transformations in production, trade and corporate strategies that altered the apparel industry over the past decades and changed theExpand
Aligning incentives in supply chains.
Companies must acknowledge that the problem of incentive misalignment exists and then determine its root cause and align or redesign incentives, and improve alignment by adopting revenue-sharing contracts, using technology to track previously hidden information, or working with intermediaries to build trust among network partners. Expand
Fast, global, and entrepreneurial: supply chain management, Hong Kong style. An interview with Victor Fung. Interview by Joan Magretta.
  • V. Fung
  • Medicine, Business
  • Harvard business review
  • 1998
Li & Fung, Hong Kong's largest export trading company, has been an innovator in supply chain management--a topic of increasing importance to many senior executives. In this interview, chairman VictorExpand
Leveraged Growth: Expanding Sales Without Sacrificing Profits
THE TRADITIONAL ROUTES to business growth-organic expansion and acquisition-share a common requirement; investment in proprietary assets. To grow organically, you build new assets. To grow throughExpand