Emerging Role of PML Nuclear Bodies in Innate Immune Signaling.

  title={Emerging Role of PML Nuclear Bodies in Innate Immune Signaling.},
  author={Myriam Scherer and Thomas Stamminger},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={90 13},
Research in the last 2 decades has demonstrated that a specific organelle of the cell nucleus, termed PML nuclear body (PML-NB) or nuclear domain 10 (ND10), is frequently modified during viral infection. This correlates with antagonization of a direct repressive function of individual PML-NB components, such as the PML, hDaxx, Sp100, or ATRX protein, that are able to act as cellular restriction factors. Recent studies now reveal an emerging role of PML-NBs as coregulatory structures of both… CONTINUE READING