Emerging Religious Movements in North America: Some Missiological Reflections

  title={Emerging Religious Movements in North America: Some Missiological Reflections},
  author={J. Gordon Melton},
  journal={Missiology: An International Review},
  pages={85 - 98}
  • J. G. Melton
  • Published 1 January 2000
  • History
  • Missiology: An International Review
New Religions include those religious groups that operate outside of the dominant religious consensus of their host culture, in this case the Christian West, and Christian groups that deviate theologically or behaviorally from mainline Christianity and actively proselytize. Some 700 such groups currently operate in North America. The Christian community has generally dismissed them as “cults,” and response has been amateurish and inadequate. New Religions are serious religious phenomena… Expand
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1. The literature on New Religions is vast; however, a selection ofbasic volumes that represent the present scholarly approach to the subject might include
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