Emerging Multipolarity: Why Should We Care?

  title={Emerging Multipolarity: Why Should We Care?},
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Ideology or indifference? Comparing the effects of ideological cohesion and great power involvement in Latin American regionalism

Hybrid foreign policies in the EU’s Eastern flank: adaptive diplomacy

Over the past decade, an increasing number of EU countries have diversified their foreign policies. The new directions aimed to maintain the benefits of Western alliances but sought to attract

Peacemaking in a shifting world order: A macro-level analysis of UN mediation in Syria

  • S. Hellmüller
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Review of International Studies
  • 2022
Abstract Failures to bring internationalised civil wars, such as in Syria, Libya, or Yemen, to a negotiated agreement have led to a questioning of the UN's role in peacemaking. The literature

Durable institution under fire? The NPT confronts emerging multipolarity

ABSTRACT The regime built around the 1970 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) has helped curtail the spread of nuclear arms for fifty years. In hindsight, it is remarkable only

Indonesian Defense Strategy to Encounter Challenges in the Indo-Pacific (Case Study: Hegemonic War of China and the United States of America in the South China Sea)

  • A. Prayoga
  • Political Science
    International Journal of Social Science and Human Research
  • 2021
As an arena of hegemonic war between China and the United States of America (USA), Indo-Pacific has economic value that can increase conflict in the region. This hegemonic war then cultivated

US Strategies of Institutional Adaptation in the Face of Hegemonic Decline

How do shifts in the global distribution of power affect the US’ preferences for institutionalized cooperation? This article explains why and when the power shift creates incentives for the US to

The United Nations

  • Amitav AcharyaD. Plesch
  • Sociology
    Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations
  • 2020

The BRICS in the Era of Renewed Great Power Competition

Abstract The BRICS are at a turbulent crossroads as renewed great power competition intersects with countervailing tendencies in the emerging multipolar arena. Their success depends avoiding the