Emergent simplicity in microbial community assembly

  title={Emergent simplicity in microbial community assembly},
  author={Joshua E Goldford and Nanxi Lu and Djordje Baji{\'c} and Sylvie Estrela and Mikhail Tikhonov and Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga and Daniel Segr{\`e} and Pankaj Mehta and Alvaro Sanchez},
A major unresolved question in microbiome research is whether the complex taxonomic architectures observed in surveys of natural communities can be explained and predicted by fundamental, quantitative principles. Bridging theory and experiment is hampered by the multiplicity of ecological processes that simultaneously affect community assembly in natural ecosystems. We addressed this challenge by monitoring the assembly of hundreds of soil- and plant-derived microbiomes in well-controlled… CONTINUE READING

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  • M. S. Datta, E. Sliwerska, J. Gore, M. F. Polz, O. X. Cordero
  • Commun. 7,
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