Emergent scale invariance of disordered horizons

  title={Emergent scale invariance of disordered horizons},
  author={Sean A. Hartnoll and David B{\'a}ez-L{\'o}pezJuan Manuel Ram{\'i}rez and Jorge Ernesto Oliva Santos},
We construct planar black hole solutions in AdS3 and AdS4 in which the boundary CFT is perturbed by marginally relevant quenched disorder. We show that the entropy density of the horizon has the scaling temperature dependence s ∼ T (d−1)/z (with d = 2, 3). The dynamical critical exponent z is computed numerically and, at weak disorder, analytically. These results lend support to the claim that the perturbed CFT flows to a disordered quantum critical theory in the IR. 1 ar X iv :1 50 4. 03 32 4v… CONTINUE READING

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