Emergent gauge fields in holographic superconductors

  title={Emergent gauge fields in holographic superconductors},
  author={Oriol Dom{\`e}nech and Marc Montull and Alex Pomarol and Alberto Salvio and Pedro J. Silva},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Holographic superconductors have been studied so far in the absence of dynamical electromagnetic fields, namely in the limit in which they coincide with holographic superfluids. It is possible, however, to introduce dynamical gauge fields if a Neumann-type boundary condition is imposed on the AdS-boundary. In 3 + 1 dimensions, the dual theory is a 2 + 1 dimensional CFT whose spectrum contains a massless gauge field, signaling the emergence of a gauge symmetry. We study the impact of a dynamical… 
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Holographic superconductors have been studied so far in the absence of dynamical electromagnetic fields, namely in the limit in which they coincide with holographic superfluids. It is possible,
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