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Emergent Communication through Negotiation

  title={Emergent Communication through Negotiation},
  author={Kris Cao and A. Lazaridou and Marc Lanctot and Joel Z. Leibo and K. Tuyls and Stephen Clark},
  • Kris Cao, A. Lazaridou, +3 authors Stephen Clark
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Multi-agent reinforcement learning offers a way to study how communication could emerge in communities of agents needing to solve specific problems. In this paper, we study the emergence of communication in the negotiation environment, a semi-cooperative model of agent interaction. We introduce two communication protocols -- one grounded in the semantics of the game, and one which is \textit{a priori} ungrounded and is a form of cheap talk. We show that self-interested agents can use the pre… CONTINUE READING

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