Emergent Actors in World Politics

  title={Emergent Actors in World Politics},
  author={Lars-Erik Cederman},
Impact of Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chain Networks
The study develops a substantive theory to understand the overall network level value creation in an inter-organizational business network and adds a new layer to the analysis through the role of knowledge sharing among the network member organizations, providing greater understanding about the knowledge sharing.
Securizitating the Nation: Simulating the Dynamics at the Case of Yugoslavia
This paper describes a simulation model of the escalation of ethnic conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. To integrate as much empirical evidence as possible from conflicting explanations of the
Modeling the Dynamics of Complex Interaction Systems: from Morphogenesis to Control
Some structural aspects of the complexity dynamics are highlighted, leading to implement the morphogenesis of emergent complex network structures, and to control some synchronization phenomena within complex networks.
Staring at the Abyss: a neurocognitive grounded agent-based model of collective-risk social dilemma under the threat of environmental disaster
Increasingly visible climate change consequences challenge carbon-based economies worldwide. While expert knowledge on climate change percolates through political initiatives and public awareness,
Chapter 6 Darwinian Evolution , Hypercycles and Game Theory
  • Biology
  • 2020
This chapter sees that adaptation does not happen automatically and discusses the concept of “error catastrophe” as a possible root for the downfall of a species, and investigates the possible advent of a “quasispecies” in terms of mutually supporting hypercycles.
Agentenbasierte Simulation in der Politikwissenschaft
Dieses Kapitel vermittelt einen Einblick in Methoden und politikwissenschaftliche Anwendungsfelder agentenbasierter Simulation. Hierfur wird zunachst die Methode der Simulation charakterisiert.
State-Making Lessons For International Relations Research
  • D. Lemke
  • Political Science
    Perspectives on Politics
  • 2019
Many of the central concerns of international relations—war, diplomatic relations, international trade and investment, and alliance politics—are also central to the state-making processes that are
www.ssoar.info Cooperation in Networked Populations of Selfish Adaptive Agents: Sensitivity to Learning Speed
It is found that the presence of a cooperative regime (where almost the entire population plays Tit-for-Tat) is dependent on the quickness of information spreading across the network, which hinges on the relation between individual adaptation speed and average path length in the interaction topology.
The effects of immigration policy on migration systems
This thesis examines the unintended effects of immigration policy. It develops a new theoretical framework to examine how aspiring migrants respond to immigration policy restrictions and the role