Emergency laparoscopy: Role and implementation.


Laparoscopic surgery has emerged over the past two decades as the surgical approach of choice in the treatment of many digestive disorders. Laparoscopy has its place in the management of abdominal surgical emergencies since it provides the same benefits: less postoperative pain and shorter length of hospital stay when compared to laparotomy. However, its role in the management of abdominal emergencies has not yet been fully clarified. In this review, we focus on what has been validated concerning the role of emergency laparoscopy in the management of abdominal diseases.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jviscsurg.2015.09.018

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@article{Lupinacci2015EmergencyLR, title={Emergency laparoscopy: Role and implementation.}, author={Renato M Lupinacci and Fabrice S Menegaux and Christophe Tr{\'e}sallet}, journal={Journal of visceral surgery}, year={2015}, volume={152 6 Suppl}, pages={S65-71} }