Emergence of sporotrichosis in Manipur.


A retrospective analysis of all cases of sporotrichosis was conducted to examine the pattern and frequency of sporotrichosis cases in Manipur over a period of six year from July 1999 to June 2005. Seventy-three (73) cases of sporotrichosis were detected of which 30 were confirmed by culture and 43 were diagnosed by aspiration cytology only. Most of the patients belonged to the age group of 21 to 40 years (n = 23; 31.5%). There were 39 females (53.4%) and 34 males (46.5%). Commonest site of infection was upper limbs (n = 39; 53.4%) followed by lower limbs (n = 17; 23.2%). Commonest type of infection was lymphocutaneous form (n = 46; 63.1%) followed by fixed cutaneous form (n = 27; 36.9%). Among these 73 cases, 2 male patients (2.7%) were found to be HIV positive. In our experience, collection of material by aspiration of pus or infected tissue was found to be a better method compared to scraping or exudate. This study revealed Manipur as a new endemic area for sporotrichosis.

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