Emergence of pathogenicity in the Sporothrix schenckii complex.

  title={Emergence of pathogenicity in the Sporothrix schenckii complex.},
  author={Anderson Messias Rodrigues and Sybren de Hoog and Zoilo Pires de Camargo},
  journal={Medical mycology},
  volume={51 4},
Sporothrix schenckii sensu lato is a complex of thermally dimorphic species whose natural habitats are soil and plant materials. However, the traumatic implantation of the species into human skin is traditionally thought to be the route leading to the fungal disease sporotrichosis. The complex contains Sporotrhix mexicana, S. globosa, S. brasiliensis, S. luriei, in addition to S. schenckii sensu stricto. In this study we evaluated the differences among these species relative to their frequency… CONTINUE READING

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