Emergence of Coherent Localized Structures in Shear Deformations of Temperature Dependent Fluids

  title={Emergence of Coherent Localized Structures in Shear Deformations of Temperature Dependent Fluids},
  author={Theodoros Katsaounis and Julien Olivier and Athanasios E. Tzavaras},
  journal={Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis},
Shear localization occurs in various instances of material instability in solid mechanics and is typically associated with Hadamard-instability for an underlying model. While Hadamard instability indicates the catastrophic growth of oscillations around a mean state, it does not by itself explain the formation of coherent structures typically observed in localization. The latter is a nonlinear effect and its analysis is the main objective of this article. We consider a model that captures the… 

Localization in Adiabatic Shear Flow Via Geometric Theory of Singular Perturbations

This work considers a hyperbolic–parabolic system that expresses the above mechanism and construct self-similar solutions of localizing type that arise as the outcome of the above competition.

Localization in Adiabatic Shear Flow Via Geometric Theory of Singular Perturbations

We study localization occurring during high-speed shear deformations of metals leading to the formation of shear bands. The localization instability results from the competition between Hadamard

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This work aims to reveal the onset of localization into shear bands using a simple model developed from viscoplasticity, and exploits the properties of scale invariance of the model to construct a family of self-similar focusing solutions that capture the nonlinear mechanism of shear band formation.

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The presence of viscosity normally has a stabilizing effect on the flow of a fluid. Howerver, experiments show that the flow of a fluid in which viscosity decreases as temperature increases tends to

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An asymptotic procedure motivated by the theory of relaxation and the Chapman–Enskog expansion is introduced and an effective equation for the evolution of the strain rate is derived, consisting of a second order nonlinear diffusion regularized by fourth order effects and with parameters determined by the degree of thermal softening, strain hardening, and strain-rate sensitivity.


This article is devoted to the explanation of the onset of localization and the formation of shear bands in high strain-rate plasticity of metals. We employ the Arrhenius constitutive model and show


We study numerically an instability mechanism for the formation of shear bands at high strain-rate deformations of metals. We use a reformulation of the problem that exploits scaling properties of

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