Emergence and continuous evolution of genotype 1E rubella viruses in China.

  title={Emergence and continuous evolution of genotype 1E rubella viruses in China.},
  author={Zhen Ni Zhu and Aili Cui and Huanhuan Wang and Yan Zhang and Chunyu Liu and Changyin Wang and Shujie Zhou and Xia Chen and Zhenying Zhang and Daxin Feng and Yan Wang and Haiyun Chen and Zhengfan Pan and Xiangjie Zeng and Jianhui Zhou and Shuang Wang and Xin Chang and Yue Lei and Hong Tian and Yang Liu and Shunde Zhou and Jun Zhan and Hui Chen and Suyi Gu and Xiaoling Tian and Jianfeng Liu and Ying Chen and Hong Yong Fu and Xiuhui Yang and Huanying Zheng and Leng Liu and Lei Zheng and Hui Gao and Jilan He and Li Sun and Wenbo Xu},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={50 2},
In China, rubella vaccination was introduced into the national immunization program in 2008, and a rubella epidemic occurred in the same year. In order to know whether changes in the genotypic distribution of rubella viruses have occurred in the postvaccination era, we investigate in detail the epidemiological profile of rubella in China and estimate the evolutionary rate, molecular clock phylogeny, and demographic history of the predominant rubella virus genotypes circulating in China using… CONTINUE READING