Embryonic folate metabolism and mouse neural tube defects.

  title={Embryonic folate metabolism and mouse neural tube defects.},
  author={Angeleen Fleming and Andrew J Copp},
  volume={280 5372},
Folic acid prevents 70 percent of human neural tube defects (NTDs) but its mode of action is unclear. The deoxyuridine suppression test detects disturbance of folate metabolism in homozygous splotch (Pax3) mouse embryos that are developing NTDs in vitro. Excessive incorporation of [3H]thymidine in splotch embryos indicates a metabolic deficiency in the supply of folate for the biosynthesis of pyrimidine. Exogenous folic acid and thymidine both correct the biosynthetic defect and prevent some… CONTINUE READING


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