Embryonic cuticle establishment: the great (apoplastic) divide.

  title={Embryonic cuticle establishment: the great (apoplastic) divide.},
  author={Steven Moussu and Rita San-Bento and Roberta Galletti and Audrey Creff and Etienne Farcot and Gwyneth Ingram},
  journal={Plant signaling & behavior},
  volume={8 12},
The plant cuticle, a dynamic interface between plants and their environment, is formed by the secretion of hydrophobic lipids and waxes into the outer wall of aerial epidermal cells. Cuticle formation is such a ubiquitous feature of epidermal cells, and is of such fundamental importance for plant survival, that identifying and understanding specific developmental roles for this structure has been a major challenge for plant scientists. In recent work, we have tried to understand the functional… CONTINUE READING