Embryonic Lens Prompts Eye Development

  title={Embryonic Lens Prompts Eye Development},
  author={Elizabeth Pennisi},
  pages={522 - 523}
A blind cave fish is providing new insight into how eyes come to be. In work reported on page 631, two developmental biologists show that the lens plays a leading role in eye development in this fish. If it doesn9t form properly, the researchers found, the embryo will not go on to make the cornea and other eye structures. 
Embryology, Epigenesis and Evolution: Taking Development Seriously
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How Developmental is Evolutionary Developmental Biology
This article outlines core concerns of evo-devo, distinguish theoretical and practical variants, and counter Sterelny's recent argument that evo -devo's attention to development, while important, offers no significant challenge to evolutionary theory as the authors know it.
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