[Embryo research: ethics of technology and technique of ethics].


A short survey is given of the aims and methods used in embryo research. Ethical aspects of research and possible applications lead to the conclusion that questions are raised that concern society as a whole. In the last decade the awareness in this respect has increased. Methodology of broad ethical judgement and decision making however is still in a stage of development. It is suggested to strive for: 1) clarification of fundamental views on values in (human) life, 2) answering the question: who decides about what, and 3) determination of decision making procedures.

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@article{Grommers1993EmbryoRE, title={[Embryo research: ethics of technology and technique of ethics].}, author={F. J. Grommers}, journal={Tijdschrift voor diergeneeskunde}, year={1993}, volume={118 20}, pages={645-7} }